Grace and Control Pilates
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About Anna Rudnicki

Anna was born in Poland to non-exercising parents and graduated from the medical school in Lodz. She worked as a pediatrician/neonatologist for 3 years before emigrating to the United States in the late 70's. She quickly became an American citizen as well as a licensed physician and switched to psychiatry. With the birth of her third child she put psychiatry on hold to become a full time mom.

In the mid 90's, suffering from back problems and weight gain, Anna decided to try a Pilates lesson and fell in love. After 6 years of active, progressive training, she enrolled in Romana's Pilates Teacher Training Program, the original and only school to which Joseph Pilates endowed his methodology. There she studied directly under Master Teacher Romana Kryzanowska (who herself trained and worked with Joseph Pilates until his death at the age of 87) as well as Romana's daughter, Sari Mejia-Pace.

Having spent a small fortune on Manhattan parking fees, Anna graduated in 2005 and began bringing her signature blend of grace, patience and optimism to esteemed studios throughout New York and Connecticut before opening her own studio in March of 2009. She pays tribute to her famous teachers with a profound dedication to each of her clients.


Sari Mejia-Pace and Anna Rudnicki                       Sari Mejia-Pace, Romana Kryzanowska & Anna Rudnicki
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